Oscar is the Gamemaster. He likes to broaden our horizons by putting us in untenable moral positions. He often whines that he would prefer to play in the campaign instead of gamemastering it, but we bribe him with cake and lots of candy to keep him going late into the night. Oscar works at the Swedish Federation for Roleplaying and Conflict Games. A FPS and RTS junkie. Secretly practices evil laughs.

Merry plays Rhiannon. She likes lots of angst, and is trying to find out how to fit that into Rhiannon's new relationship with Darien. She is the designer of this site, and has drawn the pictures and written the character descriptions. When she's not roleplaying she draws, fiddles with her computer and reads copious amounts of sf and fantasy. She is an avid boardgamer and a really sore loser.
She has a homepage (betaversion still) with most of her pictures, and there are some trumps from her earlier campaigns there. (English)

Quest plays Keiko, and seems to love hatching more and more evil plans. (Of all the characters she has by far the highest success rate in her endeavours.) He writes the campaign logs and maintains the quote file. In real life he is a systems designer, and Merry's boyfriend. He likes well-designed conflict games and anime, and spends a lot of his waking time before computers. Despite this he can actually be social with people.

Stina used to play Kyria, but decided angst was better and switched to playing Qyunh-Chi instead. Her player contribution is writing diaries. RL, she has just finished a major in biology, and is busy hunting for a job. She likes fantasy books, preferably longer ones, and wolves.
Her homepage (mostly in Swedish).

Peter plays Darien, and spends a lot of time polishing the slut of the universe act, as well as amusing the rest of the players by always finding double meanings in everything.
Peter is a systems operator at a university, where he tries out his BOFH act on the students. He reads lots of science fiction books and comics, preferably with redheaded warrior women in them. He secretly hopes that one day Gwen Ingolfsson will enter his life.

Magnus former character was Steve, but he was too antisocial to live. Now he plays Hrun, who tries being social, at least (although I would recommend being a little less social with Flora). Magnus studies computers and trains martial arts.
His homepage (only Swedish)

Nina is Mhei-Li's player. She also plays Wing Li, the journalist responsible for all the press cuts on this site. (And for hounding most of the player characters, all the time). Nina studies cultural science and reads mostly fantasy.

Henrik plays "Hey, You!" only sporadically, which is one of the reasons noone knows his character's real name. He studies computer engineering and is engaged to Nina.

Tysk has retired together with his character, Lung-San, leaving the party without any major talent in warfare at all.