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In the Hong Kong Amber tradition, all characters look like Hong Kong or Hollywood movie/music celebrities.


Dworkin stole the Eye of the Serpent and inscribed the Pattern with it, thus created Hong Kong as a opposite of the Studios of Chaos. His first student was Oberon. Later on, he sponsored Fiona and Brand Sik.

He later disappeared and left Hong Kong to Oberon. He showed up from time to time, and was for a while thought murdered, possibly by Dara Sawall. There is a mysterious gardener who helped Mhei-Li with her temple, though, who could well be Dworkin. All in all, the younger Initiates have given up on understanding or locating him.

Oberon King

Oberon is the former Ruler of Hong Kong. As far as anyone knows, he has three sons, Benedict, Eric and Corwin, and one daughter, Titania.

He disappeared some centuries ago and left Hong Kong to his sons. When he was found some time ago he had developed multiple personalities, and there was some suspicions that he was controlled by Bances with the Eye of the Serpent. These personalites were instances of himself in time, and the one that is in contact with Hong Kong now still thinks it is some thousand years ago.

He was not interested in taking back Hong Kong but preferred to stay in his shadow, Seven Citadels, together with Titania.

Eric King

Eric is Chief of the Hong Kong Police.
He has always been at odds with Benedict, and their enmity grew even worse when Benedict shot and wounded him almost fatally during the the Bank of Hong Kong incident.

Eric is currently hiding out in Oberon's shadow, still officially the Chief of Police, but with Random as appointed Chief. He has almost recovered from his injuries, but still has to use a wheelchair.

His hand is seen behind much of the recent insurgences against Benedict.

Benedict King

Benedict controls all the tongs in Hong Kong. He is a fierce and ruthless warrior, and the most feared man in Hong Kong.

He was opposed to Corwin running for Mayor, and did his best to hinder it. The election was plagued with intrigue and strife, and on the election day Benedict decided to show his hand openly and called in a favour from Keiko, who reduced the two polling places to one, the Bank of Hong Kong. Everything culminated there, and Benedict shot Rhiannon and Eric in the fray. Keiko then decided that Benedict was in the wrong, and with Brand's help she saw to that the election was fair. Corwin won. Not that this helped in the long run.

Benedict is the mayor of Hong Kong now, and the times are changing. Gambling and prostitution are now legal, but the narcotics laws are harsher than before.

Corwin King

Corwin was sponsored by Oberon and later sponsored Deirdre, his ex-fiancee. He disappeared for a long time, thought to have been lost in the Palace of the Celestial Dragon, but returned and decided to run for Mayor.

Benedict interfered, and still Corwin won the election - but on the day of the inauguration Corwin handed the Mayorship to his brother. Nobody knows exactly why, but "spineless" and "blackmail" are two words frequently used when people are discussing the situation.

He is currently holed up in Oberon's Shadow Seven Citadels, and probably involved in the guerilla was against Benedict.