Supporting Cast:
Female Pattern Initiates

In the Hong Kong Amber tradition, all characters look like Hong Kong or Hollywood movie/music celebrities.

Llewella Lan

Llewella is sponsored by her ex-husband Oberon. She is the master of Fragrant Harbour, the underwater free zone outside HongKong. Fragrant Harbour is outside both the legal jurisdiction of Hong Kong, and Benedict's control.

The tech level is considerably higher than in Hong Kong, and Fragrant Harbour is a popular holiday resort for those who prefer to be less tightly controlled by the law.

Llewella is a levelheaded lady who prefers to not to enter any alliances without thinking carefully about them first. It does seem, though, that she has decided to go against Benedict, possibly to preserve Fragrant Harbour as a free state.



Flora is Oberon's former paramour, and sponsored by him. She is a singer, and prefers the limelight. She controls all the media empires in Hong Kong, and noone really knows much about her except for the rumours she cares to spread.

She seems profoundly unmoved by the recent changes in the rule of Hong Kong, but that, of course, is just her official line.

Fiona Sik

Fiona is sponsored by Dworkin. She is one of the most powerful magicians in Hong Kong. She has sponsored Bleys (who got away alive), Quynh-Chi and Mhei-Li. The later pair are not on the best of terms with her, and it is doubtful whether they will ever be.

Fiona used to live on one of the islands outside Hong Kong, but following the recent upheavals in Hong Kong she has moved in with her lover, Sam, in his Underworld citadel. They have a son, Kakumei, who seems to be fated to be a third power as powerful as the Pattern and the Logrus.

Deirdre Lixue

Deirdre is sponsored by her former lover Corwin, and has sponsored Keiko Furio. When Corwin disappeared and was presumed dead, she blamed the other Pattern initiates for it, and launched several attacks on Hong Kong and the New territories in the form of guerilla raids and bombings. When Corwin returned she returned to Hong Kong as well.

Deirdre is about as unbalanced as a person can possibly be, and since she is a master of different forms of sorcery as well as trump, she is more than a little dangerous. Her apprentice Keiko keeps her calm most of the time, but she is still responsible for more calamities than any other Pattern initiate save for possibly Fiona.

Lately, she has decided to help Corwin against Benedict, and her terror attacks have begun again.

Titania King

Titania is the daughter of Oberon and Kyria Xiao. She was raised in a fasttime shadow, and at eighteen she was brought back to Hong Kong where she walked the Pattern and was introduced to the rest of the Pattern initiates. Currently she lives in Oberon's shadow Seven Citadels, where she trains, parties and awaits a role in the politics of Hong Kong.