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In the Hong Kong Amber tradition, all characters look like Hong Kong or Hollywood movie/music celebrities.


Sam is the son of the ruler of the Netherworld. His citadel is much in demand as a holiday resort for Pattern and Logrus Initiates who are trying to get away from it all or possibly negotiate with each other. He is also the guardian of an alternative Pattern.

He is an easy-going man, and can rarely keep still for more than a single moment.

His lover Fiona has recently moved in with him after her difficulties with her students. Together they have a son, "Kakumei."


Kakumei is Sam and Fiona's son. He has no real name yet, and all people he has met have given him different names.

Kakumei was revealed to the outside world when Keiko happened upon his nursery in the central tower of his father's castle. They discussed various points of philosophy, after which she named him "Kakumei" - Revolution. A few months later he had grown into a young man and under Fiona's guidance he walked the Pattern.

He seem to be destined to become a new force in the Universe, just as powerful as the Pattern and the Logrus.

Quynh-Chi has developed a certain fondness for him.


Brunapta is one of Sam's lieutenants, although he possibly holds more allegiance to Sam's father, Yama.

He rules one of the more benign areas of the Netherworld and is known to have at least one son, called Huma.

The Heavenly Emperor

The Heavenly Emperor is the ruler of the Palace of the Celestial Dragon, the reflection of Hong Kong against the cloud cover.

Every full moon the castle turns solid, and petitioners can ascend the stairs to petition the Emperor. The rules are that you have to make a gift to the Emperor of something you hold truly dear, but in return your petition will be heard.