Supporting Cast:
Logrus Initiates

In the Hong Kong Amber tradition, all characters look like Hong Kong or Hollywood movie/music celebrities.

King Sawall

Sawall is King of Chaos and head of the Sawall Studios. He was sponsored by Suhuy, and he has been in the game for very long indeed. Noone has ever gained the upper hand against him, and people try to stay out of his way.

He has an impressive intelligence network that keeps him on the top.

Lord Bances

Bances is High Priest of the Lion, and Guardian of the Logrus. He is as wily as he is powerful, and probably quite mad as well.

He was possibly involved in the plot that made Oberon develop multiple instances of himself, but noone knows for sure. While investigating this, the younger Pattern Initiates managed to get in his way, and he has in no way forgiven them for that.

After a fight with Kyria one of his eyes was put out, and when Keiko planned his demise for the second time Kyria managed to put out the other. He replaced them with the two eyes of the Serpent.

The third time Keiko carried out a plan for how to kill him she hopefully succeded - considering how angry the Serpent became it is likely he died.

Lady Belissa Minobee

Belissa Minobee was sponsored by Suhuy. She is the head of Hendrake Studios and the Champion of Chaos. She is an extremely competent warrior and responsible for one of the best spy network in Hollywood, possibly even better than King Sawall's.

Noone really knows much about her, and finding out anything is extremely difficult, so one can assume that her Warfare skill is more than excellent.

Darien claims to have known her and escaped with his life. Impressive if it is true.


Borel is King Sawall's chief enforcer. Noone really wants to know more about him - he's dangerous and not very talkative.


Lord Vaywill

Vaywill controls the Star Wars shadow together with Darien.


Lord Oloss

Oloss is acting Head of Saccul studios. He claims that Lord Larchton, the former Head of Saccul who sponsored him, is still alive. Darien was sponsored by him, and Oloss used him as a contact in some of his shadows for some centuries.

Oloss spends most of his time in his own shadow, a dark high tech world where most of humanity has escaped to the stars. There he stays at the Tyrell Corp. building, a huge skyscraper with an excellent view of the depressive cityscape.

Dara Sawall

Dara Sawall is King Sawall's daughter.

Currently she is trying to escape her father's control and is enjoying a short vacation in Hong Kong.


Lord Chinaway

Chinaway, Head of Helgam Studios, is not the most dangerous of Chaos Lords, but without doubt the most sadistic one.

When he caused trouble for the younger Pattern Initiates one time to many, Keiko put a long and convoluted plan into motion that resulted in the Ki force of a large asteroid demolishing most of his Studio (and, quite incidentally, turned most of Tatooine in Darien's shadow into a glass desert).

Currently, Chinaway spends most of his time trying to keep the rest of the Studio Heads from dividing up his property between them.


Rinaldo is the boss of the company known as Rinaldo's Guides. They guide tourists to Chaos around Hollywood for a fee, so they don't get lost in the everchanging terrain, or manage to step into the wrong Studio at the wrong time.

He dabbles in Chaos politics as well, and should be watched closely.


Mandor Sawall

Mandor Sawall, King Sawall's oldest son, has declared himself unfit for the throne.

Anakin Sawall

Anakin is rumoured to be Sawall's grandson. He showed up in the Star Wars shadow and began causing trouble, but a concerted attack from Darien, Vaywill and Keiko dissuaded him.

Noone knows his current whereabouts.