List of Named characters
Pattern Initiate Neither Pattern nor Logrus

Logrus Initiate

Player Character
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"Hey, You!" Actor: Bruce Willis
Player: Henrik
  Player character possibly sponsored by Corwin. His real name is still a secret.
Anakin Sawall Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Rumoured to be the grandson of King Sawall.

Lord Bances Actor: Steven Segal
  High Priest of the Lion and Keeper of the Logrus.
Belissa Minobee Actress: Sigourney Weaver
  Head of Hendrake Studios and Chaos Intelligence.
Benedict King Actor: Anthony Wong
  Sponsored by his father Oberon. Sponsor for Caine and Lung-San. Triad crime boss and lately Mayor of HongKong.
Bleys Sik Actor: Danny Lee
  Sponsored by his cousin Fiona. Sponsor for Rhiannon. Former head of the Eric's Triad Bureau and Hong Kong's Intelligence Agency.
Borel Actor: Arnold Schwartzenegger
  King Sawall's chief enforcer.
Brand Sik Actor: Aaron Kwok
  Sponsored by his teacher Dworkin. Guardian of the Pattern and master of the Po Lin monastery.
  Sam/Yama's lieutenant.
Caine Ng Actor: Philip Kwok
  Sponsored by Benedict, for whom he works. Sponsor for Lung-san, who has replaced him as Benedict's right hand.
Lord Chinaway Actor: Bruce Campbell
  Head of Helgam Studios, and general all-around villain.
Corwin King Actor: Leslie Cheung
  Sponsored by his father Oberon. Sponsor for Deidre and Random. Almost became Hong Kong's new Mayor, but was outmaneuvred by Benedict.

Darien Kinnison Actor: Ewan McGregor
Player: Peter
  Player character sponsored by Lord Oloss of Chaos. Specializes in Strength. Used to be the Slut of the Universe, but is currently engaged to Rhiannon and hopefully reformed.
Dara Sawall Actress: Madonna
  Sawall's daughter. Suspected of murdering Dworkin.
Deirdre Lixue Actress: Brigitte Lin
  Sponsored by Corwin. Sponsor for Keiko. Wrecks havoc and is more than slightly mad.
Dworkin Actor: Malcolm McDowell
  Sponsor for Brand and Fiona.
Eric King Actor: Chow Yun Fat
  Sponsored by his father Oberon, and sponsor for Gerard. Hong Kong's Chief of Police.
Fiona Sik Actress: Michelle Yeoh
  Sponsored by her teacher Dworkin. Used to be sponsor for Bleys, Mhei-Li and Quengh Chi. Spends most of her time pursuing the mystical arts.
Flora Actress: Anita Mui
  Sponsored by Oberon. Controls Hong Kong's media enterprises.
Gerard Li Actor: Sammo Hung
  Sponsored by his boss Eric. Head of Hong Kong's Intelligence Agency.
The Heavenly Emperor Actor: Ti Lung
  The Emperor of the Celestial Palace.
Hrun Actor: Dolph Lundgren
Player: Magnus
  Player character. No sponsor yet - he was found in the middle of the Pattern by Brand.
Julian Lam Actor: Jet Li
  Sponsored by his half-sister Deirdre. Keeper of China (The New Territories). Sponsor for Kyria.
"Kakumei" Actor: Andy Lau
  Son of Fiona and Sam. Possibly a third force in the universe, comparable to the Pattern and the Logrus.
Keiko Furio Actress: Lee Yuk-Tung
Player: Quest
  Player character sponsored by Deirdre. Specializes in Sorcery, Strength and mayhem.
Kyria Xiao Actress: Josephine Siao
Player: Stina
  Retired player character sponsored by Julian. Mother of Titania. Endurance is her speciality.
Llewella Lan Actress: Joey Wong
  Sponsored by her ex-husband Oberon. Ruler of Fragrant Harbour, an underwater complex that is outside Hong Kong's legal jurisdiction.
Lung-san Actor: Charles Heung
Player: Tysk
  Retired player character sponsored by Caine. Has replaced him as Benedict's right hand. Deals mainly with destructive skills.
Mandor Sawall Actor: Tom Cruise
  Sawall's heir, who has declared himself unfit for succeding Sawall.
Mhei-Li Actress: Tia Carrera
Player: Nina
  Player character sponsored by Fiona. Spent two hundred years in hell prior to the campaign. Specializes in Strength and Sorcery. Has decided tp break with her sponsor.
Oberon King Actor: Ti Lung
  Sponsor for his children Benedict, Eric, Corwin and Titania. Former ruler of Hong Kong.
Lord Oloss Actor: Harrison Ford
  Sponsor for Darien. Acting head of Saccul Studios. Spends a lot of his time in a galaxywide shadow.
Quynh-Chi Actress: Cheung Man
Player: Stina
  Player character sponsored by Fiona. Specializes in Sorcery. Undead, but is healing.
Random Huang Fu Actor: Jackie Chan
  Sponsored by Corwin. Police officer with a penchant for heavy collateral damage. Currently acting Chief of the Police.
Rhiannon Actress: Linda Wong
Player: Merry
  Player character sponsored by Bleys. Specializes in Strength and Sorcery. Engaged to Darien.
Rinaldo Actor:
  Boss for the company Rinaldo's Guides, which guides tourists through Chaos.
Sam Actor: Marc Dacascos
  Son of Yama, the ruler of the Underworld.
King Sawall Actor: Sean Connery
  Absolute ruler of Chaos, and head of Sawall studios.
Steve Andrews
Actor: Ralph Fiennes
Player: Magnus
  Retired player character sponsored by Brand. Specializes in Psyche. More or less dead after having pissed off Benedict.
Titania King Actress: Si-Fun Choi
  Daughter of Oberon and Kyria. Sponsored by Oberon.
Lord Vaywill Actor: Gene Hackman
  Lord of Chaos. Controlling the same shadow as Darien.