The Cast: Ladies

In the Hong Kong Amber tradition, all characters look like Hong Kong or Hollywood movie/music celebrities.

Furio Keiko

Keiko is whitehaired, with black eyes and a black disposition. She is undoubtedly the most creative magician among the younger Pattern initiates, but also the one with the shortest attention span. Her grip on sanity is somewhat precarious - though she is in no way as bad as her mentor Dierdre. She has extensive dealings with the denizens of the Netherworld, who are probably more comfortable with her than the other Pattern initiates.

Keiko's magic frequently results in the death of innocent bystanders, which does not faze her at all. She is, however, helpful in ending Deirdre's more extreme killing sprees. She does possess some sort of ethics - don't do evil unless there's something to gain...

Kyria Xiao

Kyria is sponsored by Julian. She likes to brawl and drink copious amounts of alcohol, and seems to find any kind of contemplation pretty boring. She wreaks almost as much havoc as Keiko, but unlike Keiko this is completely unplanned. Her temper is notably short, and she considers every obstacle to be a personal affront.

During one of the trips to the shadow where we met Oberon, she became more than a little friendly with him (he was the only one who could match her endurance...), and the result was born nine months later. The girl was named Titania, and Kyria spent twenty years in a fast time shadow raising her. She then returned, presented her daughter, and faded into the woodwork - her player had decided to change character.

Kyria is currently with Oberon and Titania somewhere out in Shadow, organizing part of Hong Kong's defence.


Rhiannon is sponsored by Bleys. She is a sorceress with some skill in martial arts and tactics, and is far to practical and serious for her own good. She overcompensates by getting drunk and doing impractical, foolhardy things, usually in the company of Random, whose penchant for random destruction she secretly admires.

After Bleys got into a fight with Lord Borel, and had to recuperate, she took over his place as Hong Kong's resident spymaster. Later, she was shot by Benedict while protecting Eric during the melée in Bank of Hong Kong. While she was recuperating at the hospital Gerard replaced her as head of the Intelligence Agency.

After moping over Darien for more time than should be healthy, she found out he returned her feelings. They are now engaged.



Mhei-Li is a priestess dedicated to the Goddess. She entered the ranks of young Pattern initiates after two centuries at war in the more unsavoury parts of Hell, and then promptly managed to make a bargain with a Yama (Hell) Prince's lieutenant, resulting in yet another year in Hell.

She was building her own temple next to the Po Lin monastery, but then she realized that she had been set up by her mentor Fiona, who planned to use it as a place of sacrifice. Mhei-Li, enraged, tore down the almost finished building and then tried to kill herself. After some counselling from Quynh-Chi, Darien and Rhiannon she has decided to take her revenge on Fiona instead.



Quynh-Chi is a Pattern initiate sponsored by Fiona. She made her appearance shortly after Kyria disappeared. She does not in any way take Kyria's place, though - she much prefers magic to brawling, and is far more diplomatic and less brash. She is technically undead, and has been so for four hundred years. She nourishes herself on other people's ki.

She used to help Darien with the various undercover assignments he was faced with, as well as share her apartment and bed with him. Then her sponsor put her under a strict regime of rice and chastity, in the hope that she would reverse to human again. She endured some miserable weeks before realizing that Fiona was doing this for her own purposes, and that success was in no way ensured. She was able to partly reverse her condition with Mhei-Li's help, but has since been returned to her undead state by Fiona.