The Cast: Gentlemen

In the Hong Kong Amber tradition, all characters look like Hong Kong or Hollywood movie/music celebrities.

Darien Kinnison

Darien is Obi-Wan Kenobi by way of Trainspotting - Darien was born in the shadow version of Star Wars. His training obviously went very wrong at some point, and produced a young man with a serious attitude problem and a strong tendency to flirt outrageously with everyone present. He appears to shirk any kind of long term responsibility, but can handle short term assignments pretty well. He is very good at all kinds of destructive skills, and carries a double-bladed lightsabre affectionately named Betsy.

He was initiated in the Logrus by Lord Oloss, causing Oloss to lose the Eye of the Serpent in the process.
He then came to Hong Kong, where he managed to get involved with every female Pattern Initiate availiable, as well as help out on the Intelligence Agency as a contact to the Chaos Lords.

Currently he is engaged to Rhiannon after having decided that some long term responsibilities might be good for him.

Lung Wu

Lung-san used to be apprenticed to Caine - until he disposed of Caine in cold blood, because of a small disagreement.

He seeks to personify the ultimate warrior ideal and doesn't care much for anyone - at least he would never admit to ever having acquired any social skills whatsoever. Diplomacy is a word he often confuses with fire-power. After killing Caine he took over his position as Benedict's right hand man.

Shortly after that his player left the campaign , but Lung-san still makes NPC appearances now and then, to make the other players nervous.
(So does Caine, by the way. Nobody keeps him down for long.)


Lung-san later on beheld the face of God, died (naturally), and was reincarnated as a tiger cub, the basest and most impulsive animal of all.

Steve Andrews

Steve is British, and sponsored by Brand. His favorite pastimes are drinking tea and perusing the books in his mentor's library. Sadly, people tend to drag him - forcibly - out to adventure, and it usually takes him some time to get back to the library. Even worse, Brand sometimes orders him to help said people out.

Steve copes with these disappointments by being as recalcitrant as possible, in the apparent hope that people will tire of him and ask him to return to Hong Kong. Noone ever does.

He prides himself on being a perfect gentleman at all times, and usually gets out of trouble by hiding behind his heavily reinforced umbrella. He is a master of Psyche, and usually very lucky. When he gets miffed - which often happens - everyone else gets very unlucky. Castles have an unfortunate tendency to cave in over people who have displeased him, and at least one unfortunate Yama prince has taken a direct hit from a large meteorite.

He finally managed to outrun his own luck when he pissed off Benedict with a homing missile. He's currently hospitalized, in a coma he is not expected to wake up from.


Hrun just showed up in the middle of the Pattern one day, with an extreme case of disorientment and culture shock. When asked why he had walked the Pattern, he claimed that his sword Krang had told him to. He finds Hong Kong very confusing, but has managed to conform to it, mostly by handling all technology as magic. He has no sponsor yet, but Brand and Julian are looking out for him.

He doesn't really know what walking the Pattern means, and so he is always happy and fascinated when he finds dark caves and treasure in all kinds of places...

His sword does talk, but Brand has fashioned a sheath that keeps it from talking all the time. Later, it started to act strangely, and Hrun tried to cure it by throwing on the Pattern. It managed to walk it, and has now asked to be renamed Suhuy. Yes, we're all a bit worried.

"Hey, you!"

...lurks in the shadows, refusing to tell anyone his name, and prefers the nom de guerre "Hey, you!". He also prefers shadowing people instead of talking to them, and seems extremely discomfited when he has to make actual social conversation. This, of course, doesn't get him invited to many parties, but he seems content spending said parties disguised as a potted plant.

Noone knows where he comes from or what his objectives are - most haven't spoken to him long enough to begin wondering. Corwin insists that people should trust him, so they try to.