Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong
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Official home of the "Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong" role-playing campaign. "Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong" is an Amber campaign in the "Nine Princes in Hong Kong" setting, created by Jack Gulick and Rain Donaldson and used at AmberCon North.
The campaign is held in Linköping, Sweden, and started November 12th, 1999. There has been roughly one session every week since then.

The campaign started out with the characters trying to locate Dworkin, which they spectacularily failed at (they ended up looking for his murderer). They found the Eye of the Serpent and gave it away to Darien's sponsor, the Chaos Lord Oloss, without realizing what it was. Then they almost found Oberon, and managed to piss off Bances, High Priest of the Logrus, in the process. They spent a while recuperating and training in a shadow as guests of a ninja corporation that was busy taking over the world. It was at this time that the war between Hong Kong and Chaos started. When they got home again they found themselves in the middle of a plot where Benedict tried to take over Hong Kong. Despite valiant tries to stop this from the player characters he succedeed, and currently people are trying to form a resistance.

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