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PloneSVNView - Subversion viewer for Plone

PloneSVNView - Subversion viewer for Plone

Many Plone projects, including plone itself, seems to prefer Subversion. Thanks to the excellent pysvn module, this Plone product lets you browse any Subversion repository.

2007-09-30: Version 0.5 published

2006-03-16: Version 0.4 published

2005-11-04: Version 0.3 published


Subversion does a fairly good job of exporting itself using standard protocols such as HTTP and its native SVN protocol. Nevertheless, this exposes a fairly low-level API, which more or less requires the users to have their own Subversion client installed locally. PloneSVNView exposes most aspects of your repository to anyone with a web browser and adds some intelligence. Some major features:

  • Browse repository at any revision
  • Tracks copy/rename operations and tries to keep to the same object when changing revisions
  • Supplies diffs between arbitrary versions for any file
  • Retreive any part of the repository at any revision as zip file
  • Does not require a working copy

This is how PloneSVNView might look: PloneSVNView demo

Status & Licensing

This is alpha state code. All input is greatly appreciated. Tested under Zope 2.9 with Plone 2.5, so please report both success and failure with other versions.

Outstanding issues can be viewed in the PloneSVNView issue tracker.

Please send feedback to plonesvnview at quest windwards net.

PloneSVNView is available under GNU Public License version 2 or later.


Note: at the moment, the source is almost ready for release, with only a few images pending. You may be better off grabbing a zip from the latest revision (see below).

Get PloneSVNView v0.5 . Installation instructions can be found in install.txt in the bundle.

If you feel bleeding edge, you can go to the demo and get a zip file of the latest revision.

Old versions: 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1

Clarification: For versioning reasons, this tar ball contains a top folder called PloneSVNView-0.X; it needs to be linked or renamed in your Products folder to PloneSVNView for it to be properly recognized.

You will also need:

Version history

v0.5 (2007-09-30):

  • Much better mileage on win32.
  • Upgraded to modern Zope/Plone. Now requires pysvn 1.5 or later.
  • Most operations now work with non-ASCII file names.
  • Make use of peg arguments; most issues where PloneSVNView previously failed to follow moved and copied files now work.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

v0.4 (2006-03-17):

  • Authentication support.
  • Support for HTTPS access.
  • Special permissions for adding and editing instances.
  • Lots of small bugfixes, and more unit tests.

v0.3 (2005-11-04):

  • Link for getting revision log downwards from the directory you are looking at, and from any subdir.
  • Allow for "svn export" of whole or part of repository.
  • Quick links (nifty icons!) to view and download particular revisions from browser.
  • Fixed several bugs; most notably some bugs in path-change gurssing code. Also fixed intermittent "list index out or range" error; thanks to Markus Tesmer.

v0.2 (2005-09-19):

  • Much better support for diff; no more "unfortunately, pysvn can't diff across renames".
  • Experimental annotation mode when viewing files.
  • Speed optimization on repositories with long revision history.

v0.1 (2005-07-14):

  • Initial release.
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